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play steinberg

Play Steinberg (they/them) is a public listener, visual facilitator, knowledge worker (KW) and scribe who works across all sectors and subject matters. With a passion for individual and systemic transformation, mapping complex connections, and making the invisible visible, Play supports their partners and clients in unlocking their potential, fostering inner and outer alignment, and realizing their highest purpose. In Play's work at the wall and from the front of the room, Play draws strongly on the frameworks and technologies of Theory.U, MG Taylor (DesignShops), generative scribing, critical race theory, systems thinking, and the wisdom traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and the Americas.

Play came to this work as an accomplished writer, poet, events manager, academic, and filmmaker, and after spending years immersed in the visual languages and landscapes of the American and Irish Deaf communities. All of these skills and experiences meet in the practices of listening, synthesizing and reflecting that comprise Play's present work as a facilitator and scribe. ​


Play's life-work can perhaps be best described as a process of facilitating Play's own and others' re-indigenation and movement towards cultural and environmental harmony, equity, and justice. Play sees the realization of this mission as the natural fruit of applied internal and interpersonal disciplines and practices, that together can effect transcendence of apparent contradictions, limits and extremes.

Play holds an MA in Deaf Studies (cultural studies emphasis) from Gallaudet University, and a BA in Film & Media Studies, and Women’s Studies, from the University of Rochester. Play graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa and is an alumni of the Fulbright Program.  

Play is an active member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners and is based in Kings Beach, CA.


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