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live scribing/graphic recording



Graphic Recording, or scribing, is the multi-channel act of making a meeting, presentation, conversation or group process highly visible, in real time, through pictures and words.


Scribing giving shape and substance to content by revealing the underlying patterns of thought, dialogue and possibility. It makes connections, facilitates constructive conversations, and documents shared experience to make interactions more effective.

It also creates a visual artifact - a touchstone both in the immediate moment and a tangible reference for the moments yet to come.


I bring an evolving visual sensibility and years of deep listening practice to this work, and am committed to supporting the deepest functioning of the groups and individuals that I serve.

*2022 update: LIVE SCRIBING is once again available IN-PERSON, in material form, as well as VIRTUAL and DIGITAL, so long as public health circumstances allow for travel, and proper safety measures are in place at your event* 

custom illustrations and maps



BEFORE AN EVENT: Visual containers such as pre-drawn assets or templates can help direct and inform group work in numerous ways, from giving small groups a common framework for activities, to being an evocative guideline or receptacle for recording collective ideas. Templates, agendas and road maps can be created in advance to augment live recording and support group work. They can also be used on their own. 

AFTER AN EVENT: Sometimes following live events, further distillation of ideas is required. Whether to create a 'takeaway piece' for participants, a high level visualization to share externally, or simply because circumstances make it difficult to record on the spot, I can design and draw further maps and summaries post-event. This can be done both if I was present myself, and by working from event recordings, stakeholder interviews or other documents and data sources.  

ANYTIME: Custom visuals are also useful beyond events, to refine and illustrate your company's story, value proposition, synthesize and visualize milestones or outcomes from a long-term project or initiative, or simply to ensure your unique identity and vision stands out from the herd. 

Contact me to explore this option more. 

*ALL custom projects are now produced digitally. See the work samples page to spark your imagination*

Generative scribing, deep synthesis & meta-narratives


The more holistic and wide-ranging the vision for our mapping, the more I will shine. Deep and generative approaches to scribing are best suited to live and in-person settings, where I can work somatically and energetically with the room, taking in and holding the content and the process until a deeper coherence emerges, and then bring it back to life on the walls with my entire being, in concert with the environment, the people in it, and all the inks, paper and boards that the moment calls for. 

Note: The best way to leverage a deep synthesis approach in digital/virtual events is to include post-event custom mapping in your scope.

facilitated visioning and strategy work - for groups and individual leaders


Scribing is the most visible part of what I do, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to strategy and process work, I have a track record of designing and delivering EXACTLY the sessions that leaders and teams need most.

Since 2020, my facilitative approach is based on tapping into intuitive genius and harnessing the power of creative tension. This is NOT "creative problem solving" - because problem-solving is only driven by a desire to REMOVE what isn't wanted (the problem). True CREATING is about bringing forth what you DO WANT - if only you are courageous enough to let yourself articulate and define that desire, we can get you there 

Contact me to learn more about bringing training and implementation of the creative orientation to your team.  

whiteboard videos

Sometimes, nothing is as moving as the moving image.


I'm proud to collaborate with Austin-based digital video artist Juan Carlos Pulido to bring your story to life. From script to storyboard to final cut, our combined decades of experience will deliver a product that sets you and your message a cut above.

Our first production, for the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, outlined their plans for 2020.


What story do YOU need to tell? 

plenary presentations and visual thinking workshops 


The Listening To See series grew out of a keynote presentation delivered in Oklahoma City in 2018.  It explores the strengths and insights that the field of visual thinking offers all of us, regardless of the work we do. This content is available for delivery in plenary or small group presentations, as a workshop series, or a combination of the two.  All formats provide participants with comprehensive encounters with visual thinking practices, making the unseen seen. 

memorials and celebrations


Graphic recording is a powerful way to pay tribute to the momentous occasions in a person's life, whether living or deceased. Drawing on my own spiritual and contemplative practices, personal journeys, and training in Spiritual Care, I am constantly honored to capture the memories and well-wishes of family and friends at the memorials and celebrations of dear ones. Illustrated Life Stories or Story Walls are also the perfect way to enhance and commemorate milestone occasions such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, retirement parties, anniversaries, and more. 


Clients Include:

  • Adventist Health

  • Arizona State University

  • Army Reserves 75th Innovation Command

  • Asian Family Support Services of Austin

  • Austin Sunshine Camps

  • Capital One


  • Center for Engaged Ecology at Jacob's Well

  • Center for Popular Democracy

  • Community Partners, Los Angeles

  • Dell

  • GAVA (Go! Austin Vamos! Austin)

  • General Assembly

  • George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

  • Emma Willard School for Girls

  • Impact Dyslexia

  • Institute For The Future


  • Marathon Kids

  • NoVo Foundation

  • Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

  • Oklahoma City University

  • People's Institute for Survival and Beyond

  • PwC

  • Quality of Life Care

  • Spiritual Care Programme

  • SXSW Eco

  • UNT Health Science Center

  • University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

  • TCU  - Bob Schieffer College of Communication

  • The Texas Program in Sports & Media - UT Austin

  • The Value Web

  • The Women's Convention

  • UnCommission

  • United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

  • Voice & Exit

  • Vuka Collective

  • Wimberley Valley Watershed Association

  • Whole Cities Foundation

  • Whole Foods Market

  • Women Communicators of Austin

Partners in Delivery:

In addition to my own clients, I continue to serve many other consulting firms, corporations, nonprofit and educational institutions and collective impact initiatives through the work I provide alongside my colleagues at:

  • Creative Catalyst

  • dpict

  • Insyte Partners

  • Making Ideas Visible

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