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corporate social responsibility

Delineate Ink's pro bono work and CSR investments center around race, equity and justice, and specifically how those intersect with indigenous rights and wisdom traditions, plant medicines, dharma and the environment. To this end, each year a select few organizations are chosen as recipients of donated scribing services at their events.

In addition, because consulting services incur a high carbon footprint (due to both business travel and the footprint of internet data centers), quarterly carbon offset donations are made to organizations working in the areas of urban farming and food security, race equity and environmental protection.

recently supported organizations and initiatives include:

Amazon Conservation Team ($)* 

Chacruna Institute (PB)


Detroit Black Community Food Security Network ($)


People's Institute for Survival and Beyond ($) 

Planting Justice ($)

RIP Medical Debt ($)

United World Challenge ($)

     *$ = financial sponsorship, PB = pro bono services

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