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Why does Austin Creative Reuse have brand new markers? And what is Neuland?

The following was first published as a guest post on the blog of Austin Creative Reuse

Just over a year ago, in August 2015, Austin Creative Reuse received a windfall addition to its inventory – an extensive collection of Neuland markers and supplies. Since then, the rainbow array has garnered delight, curiosity and surprise. Just what are these specialty markers for, where did they come from, and why do they cost more than many of the other donated supplies that find their way to the aisles of ACR? These are excellent questions – read on to find the answers.

In fact, it’s thanks to their inventor and producer, Guido Neuland himself, that ACR ended up with these markers at all. They are the overstock from a conference of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners. While the Neuland booth was selling these markers and supplies at top dollar to professional graphic recorders from around the world, Guido donated the remaining stock (all in mint condition) to ACR – making Austin one of the only places outside of Germany to have its own one-stop shop for Neuland products.

As one of the handful of local graphic recorders attending the IFVP conference last year, I was thrilled when I found this out, and I’ve lost count of the number of trips I’ve made to ACR to add to my collection.

Neulands are one of only two marker varieties in the world specifically designed for graphic recording – which, if you don’t know, is drawing on huge sheets of paper, hung vertically on walls, during interactive events. Graphic recorders and graphic facilitators do this to enhance meetings, workshops, presentations, classes and more. We make conversations visible, capturing the threads, themes and emerging stories of the discussions, in words and pictures, in REAL TIME.

That said, the markers work just as well when you don’t have an audience watching you draw! Other folks who rely on these markers include teachers, coaches, advisors, visualizers, managers, and students. In other words, you!

The fact that Neulands are designed for professionals means they are built to last, no matter whose hands they end up in. As Neuland says, they are much more than just a thick pen. Each Neuland marker is designed for a variety of line widths and shapes (with bullet, chisel, and brush tips available). They are all refillable, and when you finally wear out your nib, it is replaceable (ink and nibs available from In the spirit of ACR, these markers aren’t meant to ever be used up or thrown away – so draw on!

Gearing up for the fall, ACR has updated its inventory and display, and still has a supply of brand new, top notch Neuland markers left in stock. So on your next trip to ACR, why not add some more color to your rainbow?


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